Using your talents to serve the Lord

Each of us has talents and gifts. Like the Newsboys, we make the choice every day to use them for God’s purpose or for our own.


Michael Tait of the Newsboys at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas.

I gave my wife Newsboys concert tickets for Valentine’s Day. The first concert we went to together was the Newsboys 14 years ago, so the band holds a special place in our relationship.

Plus, the guys definitely know how to put on a show, which is important to an old rocker like me. Michael Tait owned the stage and drummer Duncan Phillips played while his drum kit turned on its side and started spinning. Loud guitars and lasers, they put on a killer show.

The Newsboys play Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) or what I call Jesus Rock and Roll. Thank you, God, for rock and roll!

But I got much more than a great show with my ticket. I received an object lesson in using your gifts.

Peter wrote, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10)

I believe the Newsboys concert was an example of what that should look like.

The current lineup of Tait, Phillips, Jody Davis and Jeff Frankenstein are definitely rock stars, make no mistake. My first concert was Billy Joel at the Spectrum in Philadelphia back in 1980 and I’ve seen a lot of big-time acts since then, so I feel confident when I say that the Newsboys would be successful in any music genre.

But they choose to be different than “mainstream” musicians in some important ways.

For instance, next to the booth selling concert t-shirts (yes, I got one!) was a booth helping people with a free prayer app, and before the concert began, someone came out and led the audience in prayer.

Between the opening act and the Newsboys, a pitch was made for ChildFund International, an organization that “protects children’s well-being by strengthening relationships among children, parents, community members, local organizations, teachers and schools, governments and others.”

And this wasn’t a quick one-liner to glorify the band. It was an involved presentation built into the format of the concert and ChildFund information was available all over the venue.

Real people stepped up to help children in need across the world that night — and every concert this tour — because the Newsboys are using their God-given talents to improve the world.

Each of us has talents and gifts. Like the Newsboys, we make the choice every day to use them for God’s purpose or for our own.

Paul urged us to work with all our hearts for the Lord and not for men. (Col 3:23)

So, who are you going to serve with your talents?

Author: Michael

Working in the newsroom, I had a front row seat as the internet just about killed newspapers. I knew I had to either evolve or risk becoming insignificant. So I changed. I learned how to build websites and blogs, and I used social media to go to my readers. Now the goal is to use what I've learned to honor God and serve my community.

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