Who is to blame for candidate selection

A pastor I follow on social media recently said she wished we could skip a turn and exchange all the presidential candidates for new ones like you can with Scrabble tiles.

I hear a lot of people — a LOT of people — saying basically the same thing. Our presidential candidates are uninspiring to say the least, some are downright scary, and others could be criminal.

The problem is we have created a generation of political accountants on one side and social enablers on the other when what we need right now is leadership.

I think many people would agree when I say I believe that characteristic is in short supply in Washington, D.C. today.

But is that really D.C.’s fault?

Great leadership isn’t developed at the pinnacle, it is supposed to begin at home. At the local level: state legislatures, school boards, city councils, commissioners’ courts.

Do you see great leadership at those levels?

Author: Michael

Working in the newsroom, I had a front row seat as the internet just about killed newspapers. I knew I had to either evolve or risk becoming insignificant. So I changed. I learned how to build websites and blogs, and I used social media to go to my readers. Now the goal is to use what I've learned to honor God and serve my community.

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