Shady Deal Is Not A One-For-One


So long, Shady … I’m going to miss you.

LeSean McCoy is a great running back and has been a great player for the Eagles, so I was pretty shocked yesterday when I heard that McCoy is being traded to the Buffalo Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonso.

You cannot easily replace a LeSean McCoy. He is special. … But the idea is to win football games, not rushing records, so replacing McCoy’s production with one player isn’t absolutely necessary. If Chip Kelly can pick up a hard-nosed young RB in what is supposed to be a very deep draft, I think he can have a decent “running back by committee” group and still scheme his way to getting 25 to 30 points a game.

What the Eagles could not do the last two years is stop the other team from scoring … and that’s where the McCoy trade becomes interesting.

Alonso was the defensive rookie of the year two years ago at inside linebacker, a position of need for the Eagles. Yes there are questions about his knees, but players routinely come back from ACL surgeries these days.

Now if that is all the Eagles got in return for McCoy — like the national pundits are saying — then I probably wouldn’t like the deal.

But that’s not really true.

McCoy’s cap number for the next two years is about $12 million and Alonso’s is less than $2 million. With free agency about to open next week, the Eagles now have an extra $10 million to spend.

So the REAL trade is McCoy for Alonso and whoever else the Eagles get with that $10 million. … Maybe Seattle CB Byron Mawell or Patriot S Devin McCourty. Either one would make a huge difference to one of the worst secondaries in the league the past two seasons.

And that possibility makes the trade a lot easier to swallow.

Even if I will miss seeing @CutOnADime running wild in an Eagles uniform.

Author: Michael

Working in the newsroom, I had a front row seat as the internet just about killed newspapers. I knew I had to either evolve or risk becoming insignificant. So I changed. I learned how to build websites and blogs, and I used social media to go to my readers. Now the goal is to use what I've learned to honor God and serve my community.

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